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Not your conventional shelves, new cutting edge design in glass shelving. For interior, exterior,  functional  storage, practical display, or just architectural element. Bluegate is happy to offer this new line of glass corner shelving  which eliminates the need for frames or hardware. This patented shelving uses a tongue and groove system. They are inserted into the  wall making the shelves an integral part of your walls. These tempered glass shelves are wear resistance,  great for any decor, and have a superb load capacity (up to 100 lbs. per shelf). Many shapes and sizes are available. "Away-From-The-Corner" application is possible by adapting these glass corner shelves along with our shelf supports. We call this type of arrangement "Wall Units". The combination allows one to create many new and complex designs like book shelves, wall units and art displays., or entertainment centers just to menti

on a few applications.  .  

We do offer design assistance for your special project. Just send us the information about your space and your application and we can put together few drawings for your review. 



 Glass Shelves for Corners              Wall  Units

48 different sizes and shapes of glass shelves are available for corner installation. There is no tracks or hardware, just glass.


Wall units are a combination of our glass shelves with our shelf supports. Wall units can be arranged in unlimited ways to meet your needs.


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Glass Shelves for Closets






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